Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torchbearer Application Form(Aichi)

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Please make sure to read the following information. 


<Recruiting Period>

July 1st (Mon.) 12:00 p.m.– August 31st (Sat.) 11:59 p.m.


This application is NOT based on first come, first served basis. 

The Aichi PTF will nominate applicants based on the information provided by them, and present them to the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, which will make the final decision. 

*Note that if an individual is found to have applied multiple times, only the first application will be considered as valid. 


The application will automatically timeout after 60 minutes of login. You need to finish the application in 60 minutes as it cannot be temporarily saved.

*In case it is likely to pass 60 minutes, click the “Next” button and open the confirmation page, then click the “Return” button to prevent and prolong it from timeout. 

*Note that you need to restart the registration from the beginning in case of timeouts. 


Please prepare the notes in advance as you will be asked to write self-introduction and reason for applying (maximum of about 220 words), and recommendation (maximum of about 220 words). (It is possible to copy and paste from Microsoft words and similar programs). <Entry Example> 


*Please look at the entry example before you start filling the information. 

*If the applicant needs any special considerations, write on behalf of he/she is allowed.


Regarding E-mail Receiving Settings

Please confirm that there is no mistake in the registered E-mail. For those who have set to reject unauthorized E-mails, please make sure to change your settings to receive E-mails from


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